Magical Thinking

I found these photos the other day while perusing my various file folders of photos….(ever notice how time really escapes when you get caught up in looking and managing pictures of your life?!!!) phew….it’s hard not to be overwhelmed by the process of it all…(but, happy to say I will not go into overwhelm mode…) My sister and I were talking this morning how easy it is to become distracted when you set out to do a specific task….My Yoga teacher has talked this week how Autumn (with her winds and leaves falling) brings such Vatta energy…(one of the 3 Auyervedic body types) this particular type pertains to “airy” and I made the connection that we are in the current sign of Libra which is an air sign…(both my moon and rising signs are in Libra) so there is a lot of airiness happening to me right now…….. the key is to ground down into the earth….(the way I do that is by wrapping my head and making a “to do” list)…..(so where was I ?)….oh yes…

Magical Thinking....Hand-dyed shibori Fabrics with magazine "W" photo

Magical Thinking….Hand-dyed shibori Fabrics with magazine “W” photo

My Hairdresser gave me this “W” magazine and in it was a whole photo shoot called “Magical Thinking”….this is the opening photo….it really intrigued me on so many levels….. (something about that big moth on her lips)……..The idea that we can create magical thinking by just making a shift in our perception of both situations and the things that surround us….it requires a suspension of judgmental thinking…..on all levels….1 abo testThis is my husband and I (last year) dressed in costumes that I made back in the 90’s…..this is my inner self manifested to the outside….I am most comfortable when I am in the middle of being exactly who I am….(as we all are)….(and bless my husband for going along with the ride….)

I try to keep reminding myself when life seems so chaotic, (I am in the middle of vast amounts of “production” for the Fashion Designer I collaborate with) that to just stop and be still, breathe deeply, and plant your feet firmly on the ground….. (even if your head is in the clouds)… truly conducive to “Magical Thinking”…..


When I walked the dog the other day (our evening walk) I saw that the sun was starting to put on it’s daily show here at Asiloverde….the canopy catches the light just so… I ran back into the house and grabbed the camera……

this canopy of Oaks is 80 feet tall....catching the last rays of sun

this canopy of Oaks is 80 feet tall….catching the last rays of sun

This as we walked down the driveway at the beginning of our walk…..

canopy over driveway

canopy over driveway

and this

Canopy at sunset

Canopy at sunset

and this….as we returned from our walk when the sun was lower….

I call this 100 foot Ponderosa Pine the "guardian" of Asiloverde

I call this 100 foot Ponderosa Pine the “guardian” of Asiloverde

and finally back to the front door, the sun had even more intensity …..

the neighboring pines catching the last rays of sun....

the neighboring pines catching the last rays of sun….

magical thinking….easy to do here at Asiloverde…..

Our sign....Asiloverde....."sanctuary of the green"

Our sign….Asiloverde…..”sanctuary of the green”



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  1. Adriane Nicolaisen says:

    Hi Melissa
    Just visiting you for the first time. I’ve been thinking about taking your Mendocino Art Center class this Fall. Your work intrigues me. There are so many elements you’ve touched on here such as the “magical thinking” and getting in touch with the more ‘primitive” self. As I write this, I realize I’m writing it as much for me than for you. Thanks for such an evocative blog.
    I used to have a career in Wearable Art but I never felt I had reached that deeper level of costume as you have illustrated here on your photo of you and your husband in full regalia. Next month I’m moving into another space in life where making a living will be less of an issue, I’m hoping for the chance to reach into that deeper space. That’s why I’m thinking of taking your felting class. Your background experience with it is the real deal with Numo artists. Hope to see you in the Fall. Again, this is the promise to myself and the hope that your class will fly.

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