“Vision is the art of seeing things Invisible” 

~ Jonathan Swift via Anahata Joy Katkin’s “Invisible” card
Melissa Arnold Textiles for Catherine Bacon

Melissa Arnold Textiles for Catherine Bacon – Susan Schelling photographer


I have been designing textiles professionally for the last 12 years, this has come in the form of a collaboration with a remarkable Fashion Designer from the Bay area of  California. This collaboration has been a fabulous gift, very hard work, and a huge teacher. Before this I did “one offs” constantly experimenting and moving on, never taking notes and never wishing to repeat anything…The one thing I knew that I never wanted to do, and knew I never could do, was production, the “reproducing” of a created piece of art fabric. So the very thing I did my best to avoid in the past, has become my greatest teacher in the present.

In the course of this collaboration, my creative process, my work, and my skill level has been expanded dramatically. Being challenged to step outside your box is a remarkable growth process. In the course of these 10 years, I have been keeping my own art work on a “low profile”, indeed,  barely even having time to create my own work, much less show it to the world…this collaborative effort has been an ongoing journey of discovering who I am and how my creative process works….

And So,… I welcome you to my Website. I would like to thank my web designer Phyllis Orzalli/Studio 9 Design for all her patience and grounded focus. I view this website as an “organic entity” which will shift and change as I grow into it. I hope to begin a newsletter/ blog of  my ongoing “creative journey” when I return home from my trip to Europe. I want to thank  all of  my family and friends for their love, support and enthusiasm.

These Collections represent many months of  Joyous Creativity, Profound Insight, Moving Forward with the Heart and a Continuous Journey into the Art of  Manifesting thought into a Tangible Reality. I hope you enjoy them.


melissa arnold